Presentation of Ozogation in Germany


The meeting room for the presentation of ozogation.


Ozogation was presented in the vineyards along the Rhine River in Germany. This presentation was attended by:

Mr. Wolfgang Pfeifer : Geisenheim University, Enology Department
Mr. Johann Seckler : Geisenheim University, Enology Department
Dr. Maximilian Freud : Geisenheim University, Enology Department
Dr. Frank Will : Geisenheim University, Wine Chemistry Department
Dr. Christian von Waldbrunn : Geisenheim University, Microbiology Department
Mr. Jurgen Wagenitz : Consultant for Viticulture DLR Oppenheim
Mr. Thomas Loosen : Weingut Dr. Loosen, Mosel Region Germany
Mr. Kirk Bauer : Kirk’s Total Wine; Supplier of Barrels
Ms Eva Nagler : Deutches Weintor, One of the biggest wine producers in Germany


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