History of Ozone

1839 Discovery of Ozone by Schonbein.
1895 The Molecular formula of Ozone determined by Soret.
1886 The potential of Ozone to disinfect polluted water recognized in Europe.
1891 Test results from Germany show that Ozone is effective against bacteria.
1893 First full-scale application using Ozone for drinking water in the Netherlands.
1906 France commissions its first municipal Ozone Plant for drinking water.
1909 Ozone employed for preservation of meat in Germany.
1939 Ozone found to prevent the growth of yeast and mold during storage of fruit.
1942 Ozone used in egg-storage rooms and in cheese-storage facilities in the United States.
1970 Ozone exploited for algae control in France.
1982 US FDA grants (GRAS) (General Recognized as Safe) status for Ozone in bottled water.
1987 600 MGD Ozonation plant comes on line in Los Angeles, USA.
1997 Expert panel convened by EPRI affirms Ozone as GRAS for direct contact with foods.
2001 FDA approves Ozone as a secondary direct Food Additive, Antimicrobial Agent.


(Federal Register, Volume 66, no. 123, June 26)


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