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You don’t meet too many people in your life like Ernie Wilmink. Ernie is totally dedicated to his product and his customers. Ernie has a passion for using ozone to rid us of the standard practice of using chemicals in our vineyards but also for changing agricultural practices around the world. Ernie is the embodiment of a saying I am fond of: “Why not use your life to the full, why not change the world.

This is the first season of using ozonation to control diseases in the vineyards here at Fox Fire Farms. There seems to be almost complete control of powdery mildew and other fungal diseases. The shoots, leaves and grape clusters are all amazingly healthy. This is a no brainer. You will pay for your vineyard ozone machine in the money saved from not buying chemicals and you will rest easy knowing you have created a safe and clean environment in the vineyard and a safe and clean product in the winery.

Richard Parry

Fox Fire Farms Winery and Vineyards

Ann River Vineyard, Mora Minnesota

Rapport D’Analyses Microbiologiques Cave Schoepfer-Muller Alsace, France


Ernie Wilmink talking with Gary Schaub of Osage Vineyards in Coffeyville Kansas after delivery of their Turn Key Ozogation System.

Gary Schaub and Connie Tyson stated in August 2013 “ Very Happy Ozogation Customers”

Gary Thompson of Old Cellar Vineyards in Arapahoe Nebraska Stated in August 2013; “I am harvesting First harvest Brianna. They did very well. The Grapes did excellent for first harvest. About 9.7 pounds per harvested plant. Hope the second harvest plants do even better.” “Thanks Ozogation.”

Old Cellar Vineyards in Arapahoe, Nebraska.

“I have used the ozogation system from AgriOzein for two seasons. I have seen evidence of Downy Mildew with light spots on the leaves between spray intervals. The Spots of Downy Mildew were controlled on the leaf. The Downy and other diseases have been controlled with the ozone. The only chemicals used at Old Cellar Vineyard are Rely and Surflan for weed control in the rows and Sevin for control of Tomato worms and Flea Beetles. The ozone showed some control of the Flea Beetles but it was not adequate. We see very few mosquitoes or gnats in the vineyard since starting to use ozone. My Vineyard is very healthy. The plants are green. I receive very favorable comments about the vineyard from local citizens, Nebraska, Kansas and California Vintners traveling through the area. The wineries were very happy with the grapes we delivered and even commented on the health of the grapes and the appearance of the occasional leaf that was in the grapes delivered. My production was excellent. I am very happy with the results of the use of ozone in my vineyard.”
Gary Thompson

Miletta Vista Winery, St. Paul, Nebraska

Miletta Vista Winery


Dr. Paul Read, Professor of Viticulture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Paul_Reed.jpg"Dr. Paul Read, Professor of Viticulture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is collaborating with AgriOzein LLC, consultants in Ozone Technology and Commercial Vineyards, to conduct research on the efficacy of Ozogation (ozonated water sprays) for disease control in grapevines.

He is working cooperatively with Max McFarland, Professor at University Nebraska-Kearney, and a former student, to establish the impact of Ozogation (ozonated water sprays) on reduction in disease inoculum and incidence, as well as observations on effects on insect populations."

His personal remark: " This is exciting new ground to plow! I'm looking forward to learning as much as we can regarding the use of ozone for disease - and possibly insect - control."

Dr. Max McFarland

Max_Mcfarland.jpgDr. Max McFarland, a Nebraska native, earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kearney State College and a Doctorate in School Psychology from the University of South Dakota. Currently, Dr. McFarland is the Program Director for the School of Psychology at the University Nebraska at Kearney.

His area of focus and expertise is in the development and implementation of research. Max has been working in Research Design, in Education and in the Wine Industry for the past 25 years.

Max is also the owner of Mac's Creek Winery & Vineyards located in Lexington, Nebraska. He has been involved with the wine industry in Nebraska since the late 1990's. McFarland currently serves as the chairman, appointed by Governor Dave Heineman, of the Nebraska Grape and Wine Board.

His research in the wine industry has focused on minimizing winter damage to cold climate hybrids and the efficacy in the use of ozone to reduce usage of pesticides in grape vine disease control. Dr. McFarland has presented his research throughout North America and Europe.

Max has served as the past President of the Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association. He was the past recipient of the Pioneer Industry Award given by the NWGGA. He also serves as a strategic planning consultant for Wine America, the voice of America's wineries.


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