Ozogation vs. Chemigation in France

Huge successes for Ozogation versus Chemigation concerning disease control have been made in the vineyards of the Alsace and Burgundy in France, as well as a 13 hectare vineyard in the Benelux.

Mr. Ernie Wilmink has just returned to his offices in the USA after a 3,800 kilometer (2,400 mile) journey through 8 countries (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France).

Mr. Wilmink started up three ozogation systems for very excited vignerons in the Netherlands, Burgundy, France, and the Alsace in France.

Meetings at Wijngaard Sint Martinus in the Netherlands, Domaine Champy and Domaine Le Clos Chapelle in Burgundy, Le Schaeferhof in Murbach Alsace, and Schoepfer-Muller in Wettolsheim Alsace were very well attended.

Click here to view some of the pictures from Mr. Wilmink's travels and successes, and as the French say, "l'Ozone a la place des pesticides!" (Ozone instead of pesticides!)